Your Referrals Program can be
built with Reppify Modules.
Choose what fits your company better.

Our modules system allows you to add functionalities to the Referrals Tool to create a strategy that suits your company and engage your employees. Schedule a demo!

Start with the basics

To thrive with a Referrals Program, all you need is Reppify

Find the right candidate

Great employees know great people. Get recommendations from current employees for candidates who are well qualified, interested, and fit your company’s unique culture.

Intelligent matching

No more digging through resumes. Reppify matches candidates' skills with your job requirements and only show you the best-fit candidates.

Employee endorsements

Know exactly why your employee is recommending a connection, his strengths and best skills.

You can go further

Great features that can boost your hiring


Engage your employees and create leaderboards to keep track of top referrers. Special badges, email signatures, and prizes can be awarded!

Internal Mobility

Keep your talent inside - help your employees to take a shift in their careers with help from their colleagues. Recommendations and endorsements for internal positions.

Reverse Referrals

Allow candidates to ask for a referral within the application - it's simple and trackable! No more excel sheets.

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