Reppify Retain
Keep your best employees

Reppify Retain uses our proprietary algorithm to predict when key employees are ready to leave, so you can (re)build key relationships and keep your best employees.

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The Employee Retention Problem

High employee turnover costs time and money

"The turnover of a single employee is approximately 1.5 to 2 times the annual salary" - UNICORNHRO.COM

Ready to Leave

21% of workers surveyed plan to change jobs within the next 2 years

Introducing Reppify Retain

The first of its kind predictive retention tool.

Ready to Leave Score

Current employees are assigned a ready to leave (RTL) score, showing you which of your best employees may need additional incentive to stay at your company.

Engage Employees

RTL scores let you reach out to high value employees at the perfect time.

Save Money

Retain valuable employees and avoid significant replacement costs

Build Culture

Over time, organizations can build an employee-focused culture, which helps recruit future talent.

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